Jearl Productions

Jearl Productions

Media Production By Student

Media Production By A


If you need a compilation of your Graduation, Retirement or just of some family photos you want to remember!

Video Edits

Video clips you need trimmed down, put together, or effects added to for promotional material or just for fun!

Highlight Reels

All of your top moments in sports, put together into one convenient place to send off to colleges!

Sample Portfolio Pieces:

See more on my portfolio page!

Jack has done an incredible job editing our client testimonial videos for the past 2 years! He takes the time to meet us in locations relevant to the testimony, adds layers of clips that enhance the story of the client, takes the time to ensure the vocals can be heard clearly, and gets the videos to us in a very timely manner. All the while, he maintains a passionate, professional and pleasant demeanor that is reassuring to us and to our clients. The results of his video editing for us have contributed to us being able to communicate our mission, raise funds and help us continue bringing hope to our community!

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