Web Design

Web design is a process, that involves 3 main steps, Assessing what the need of the client for a website, building the website, and updating the website in the future. Each of these requires it’s own cost in both money and time. 



Looking at what the client has given as a reference to evaluate the estimated time and monetary cost of the website.
  • Explanation of process
  • Quote for website


Web Design

Includes the designing, building, and optimizing of the website. Everything done within the initial build of the website.
$ 25 per hour
  • Includes the initial building of the website


We offer 3 options when it comes to updating the website. Monthly Maintenance, which provides limited monthly updates at a monthly rate, On-Demand Maintenance which charges an hourly fee for updates whenever they are needed, and Client Training, which charges per client training video once, and then never again. 

Monthly Maintenance

I will come in every month to update the site's plugins, up to 5 page updates, and 1 new page
$ 120 Monthly
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Up to 5 page updates
  • Up to 1 new page
  • SSL and Security Maintenance

On-Demand Maintenance

Plugin updating, page updates, and re-designs whenever is needed, as needed.
$ 30 Hourly
  • Plugin Updates
  • Page Updates
  • New Pages
  • SSL & Security Updates

Client Training

Custom tutorial videos for whatever you need to know how to do when updating your website.
$ 110 Per Video
  • Self management of plugins.
  • Ability to update all aspects of pages yourself.
  • Ability to create new pages yourself.
  • Updated videos based on plugin changes for 1 year after video creation

Other Notes/Terms

We hold no responsibility if the client attempts to alter the site and renders it unusable. All contracts may be terminated by Jearl Productions whenever seems appropriate with a 3 months notice. Cost of the plugins, hosting, or domains fall onto the client and will be included into the final invoice after approval from the client. Any prices or terms may be updated at any point, the client will be notified, and current prices will be honored through contract expiration.